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Wear Sunscreen

I hope the writer will not sue me for borrowing the title :). Today a friend of mine shared this song. Honestly, this song has done something to me. I do not what, I do not how, I do not know why, but something has changed. I have re-played the song many times since I […]

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Kitchen musings: A thought on life

Life can be imagined to be like a serving of vegetable platter: Some items taste good, some do not. Yup, Life is one such preparation. Some moments are as per our taste and we enjoy them, while the others are not that enjoyable. In fact, I think you can extend this analogy to almost anything […]

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Higher studies, MS, MBA

If I am not wrong, most of my colleagues and batch-mates are thinking of doing either of these or have probably joined a course in some college. I do not have the statistics though. But I think that 2 years into corporate world, and most of us are looking for either a change or some […]

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