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Origin of the word “Algorithm”

Last night, I was searching on some material and books on contributions to computer science by ancient Indian scientists and mathematicians, when I came across few links that were, well, in my view, pretty enlightening. I specifically searched for related terms. One such term was Algorithm. I went to the default site where any one […]

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The Power of Twitter: The case of Radia Tapes

A couple of months ago I had read an interview of The Guardian’s editor Alan Rusbridger in The Hindu, where he had emphasized upon the role of technology in publishing of news including use of social media like twitter. In the recent Niira Radia case as well, his thoughts, that people have now more say […]

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The Thin Line Concept

What do you do when you feel your job is monotonous? What do you do when you fail miserably in your business venture? What do you do when your girlfriend/boyfriend ditches you? What do you at any point in life when you face failure? You try to snap out of it. You try anything that […]

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This is India, my friend (Part 2)

Read the previous post in this series as well. The second type Ask any office goer anywhere about traffic during peak hours and he’ll freak out for a moment. During those 2-3 hours, in the morning as well as in the evening, its as if the entire city is out on the streets. I wonder […]

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This is India, my friend (Part 1)

I love it when they say This is India, my friend. But I also hate it when they say This is India, my friend. Actually, there is a difference. The first type If you visit Chandni Chowk on any busy day, you’ll see the narrow streets jam-packed with the usual traffic hustle. You cannot help […]

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