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Book Review: Asura – Tale of the Vanquished

Credits: Google Books This was one book that caught me by surprise initially. Not because of its cover or the title, but the story. For the title, Asura – Tale of the vanquished doesn’t convey much. Rather, it conveys just enough to push the reader’s curiosity up a bit to find out the story. And […]

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Conflicting thoughts – Society

I often hear people telling others to do certain things that are a norm in today’s society, or that are as per the society. I find this rather strange, and odd. Primarily I think its because the way we think about society has changed over the course of time. Earlier, there used to be a […]

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Create Memories

Most of us, in the hectic life that we have, are so busy, that any such moment that is worth remembering passes away just like that, and we don’t realize it. It’s important to create memories, which you can recall and re-live later on. Those are the only moments in which you actually live. The […]

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For once Sachin, be selfish

Sachin should get selfish here, real selfish. This is probably his last world cup. If he has to see the team through, he has to take it upon himself to do everything he possibly can. Don’t play rash shots at the beginning of the batting power play. Don’t take that unnecessary run. Protect your wicket […]

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What’s happening in Egypt?

Here’s a link that will give you details regarding what’s happening there. There were a few things that I noticed, specially after reading this tweet by Kanchan Gupta (Associate Editor – The Pioneer). Egypt has a population of little over 80 million. Major reasons for their retaliation include poor governance, corruption, food inflation, poor economic […]

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