Conflicting thoughts – Society

I often hear people telling others to do certain things that are a norm in today’s society, or that are as per the society. I find this rather strange, and odd.

Primarily I think its because the way we think about society has changed over the course of time. Earlier, there used to be a better sense of belonging and togetherness among the individuals in a group or a society. Well, I do not think that is the case any more. Now, people often do not have time to stop and think about their own lives, let alone the lives of others. So then arises the question: Why bother any more about the society? It does not care what we do. Even if it does, it would not be more than a casual conversation among their friends and associates sometimes, continuing for days at the maximum. These days, when the most famous scandals of national importance are forgotten after a week or two, who has the time to think about what you did?

But then a conflicting question comes to my mind: Am I depriving myself from that sense of belonging and acceptance from the society? Its obvious to notice that not just a society but in any group, you are appreciated and accepted provided you follow their rules, no matter how small or large the group is. I am not counting in your near and dear ones, and your family. They are the ones whom you need not explain your every action. They understand you the most, and you already have their acceptance. So you want to pursue a career in research, hmm. “Why research? MBA is the most sought after profession right now no? Why not go for that? I’m sure you may not like it right now, but once you get a management degree, you’ll love it!”. Yeah right, and that’s where all the money lies isn’t it. What about a singer? A musician? Thinking of having your own band?

And these are the BIG questions. Do not forget the small ones: From what clothes you wear to how you eat when in a group. No, I am not suggesting that you wear anything that you think is right (or don’t wear anything at all) or that you eat like you have not eaten in days, obviously there has to be some rationality in what you do but, do I really need to think that hard while I am eating or drinking? Do I need to be that much conscious? You might sometimes hear your elders saying the same things. Don’t do this, don’t do that, etc.

These are an individual’s thoughts though, when I am only thinking about myself. Put yourself in your parents’ or your elder brother’s/sister’s shoes and think: If you were to have a child or a sibling, wouldn’t you want him/her to be accepted in the society? You must have a strong and valid reason to advise them otherwise. Fast forward your life 20 years from now, and there is a high chance that what I write here may seem absurd. It all depends upon you, in the end.

Edit: I wrote this more than 4 years ago. In these 4 years, the Indian outlook has changed a lot. Either that or I have changed. People have become more accepting and accommodating. May be due to the startup boom, but now, risk taking and venturing into new areas is in fashion.

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