What’s happening in Egypt?

Here’s a link that will give you details regarding what’s happening there.

There were a few things that I noticed, specially after reading this tweet by Kanchan Gupta (Associate Editor – The Pioneer). Egypt has a population of little over 80 million. Major reasons for their retaliation include poor governance, corruption, food inflation, poor economic policies, among other issues. Hmm..all these problems are the bottleneck of the governance system in India as well.

Around 40% of the 80 million plus population in Egypt lives on roughly $2 per day. Egypt’s score on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) was 3.1 in 2010. In India also, 40% of the population is Below Poverty Line (BPL), or 45% as this article puts it. It means that 40% of people in India survive on less than $1 per day. Rural India suffers the most due to shortcomings (like corruption, lack of better economic policies, or implementation of the same) in our system. The only difference here is that the BPL number is 40% of a 1 billion plus population. This amount is more than 10 times that of Egypt. In fact, why only rural India, we have a huge no. of people in urban India as well who are dissatisfied with the corruption in the system. Add this no. to the previous 40 percent. India had a CPI of 3.3 in 2010.

Well, these statistics for Egypt and India do say something. Can India ever see such revolution? Obviously not, as this tweet rightly puts it. Besides, no one would any way agree that the situation in India is (or seems) this drastic, isn’t it?

I am not giving any ideas to anybody :).

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