The Thin Line Concept

What do you do when you feel your job is monotonous? What do you do when you fail miserably in your business venture? What do you do when your girlfriend/boyfriend ditches you? What do you at any point in life when you face failure?

You try to snap out of it. You try anything that can make you overcome that moment’s feeling and make you a little happy. Often, and mostly with time you get accustomed to live with it. Usually that works (if it does not then try the tested formula: get a bottle of signature, or whatever your favourite brand is). But at times it overcomes you. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it hurts when you are reminded of it. It pushes you against the wall. Well, not wall exactly. I would say it pushes you to a certain limit. A threshold. A thin line, something like a tipping point. Line should be appropriate. So here is how it goes: When you are happy and satisfied, when you are having a great time, a good life, you are on one side of the line. Obviously, if you have been pushed towards the line somehow, you know that it exists. But you ignore it. Take for example, your job. You are spending quality time in your office. You love the company of your colleagues, your work is good, you are getting a decent salary. Life’s good. But after sometimes the monotony of the events starts dragging you down. May be I say this because I have seen this trend (I belong to the IT sector guys :)). Now this trend can be seen at most of the places. I do not have the statistics so I do not claim that I am right. But I’ll assume it for now. Want to have some tea?

Or may be this trend used to exist earlier as well. Its just that people had more ways to distract themselves from the monotony and indulge themselves in activities that would divert their mind from paying attention to it. The more you will think about it, the more you will feel it, isn’t it? Ok, so where was I? Yes, the thin line. Why do you start feeling low all of a sudden? Its probably because the thought of your job being monotonous that was sitting at the back-seat in your mind has now come to the front seat and is enjoying the show. Its pushing you towards that thin line. And your mind being programmed not to be pushed towards it, starts distracting itself so that you are pulled away from the line. Each time you do something to distract yourself, you are pulled away from the line. One way to justify this is to observe your own mood on the last working day of a month. Till the end of month, your job sucks but as you get the pay-check in your hand, that thought vanishes for at least another fortnight. So there it is. Whenever you feel dejected, you are pushed towards that line. The events, the thoughts everything seems to be pushing you towards it. And you always try to find your way out. Why? Simple, because it does not make you happy. Nobody likes being pushed. Everyone has their own way and speed of doing things. Good plain theory. But what I found more interesting is how well this theory explains a lot of things. Should I list some of them? Here it goes:

In your job

I have already talked about how it applies in your job. But there is one more thing that you should note. There is a very good chance that your boss knows this concept already. How? Don’t ask me. My boss knows this too. Whenever you complain about anything, your manager’s behaviour, client’s attitude, salary (most common), etc. . he would immediately come up with a proposal of some kind. “Salary eh? I agree with you completely. Don’t worry, we will take care of that in the coming appraisal”. And he somehow pulls you back, though a little bit only (till your next appraisal). This is a good example of an external agent pulling you away from the line. Any one who is unable to do so is not that good a manager I think. Future managers, I hope you are reading this thoroughly πŸ™‚ .

When you were a child

Remember how you used to cry for a toy, and the more you cried (that is you were being pushed towards the line) the more angry you got? It was only when your parents bought you that toy that you used to be pulled away from the line..I mean be happy. Also note that how much you were pulled back depended on whether you got the exact same toy you asked for or not. This also extends till your teen years when you want a bike or a car.


I deliberately did not write women in the title because its not just them who are pushed towards the line if they do not shop (Ok, may be they shop a lot hence the common perception). Men too like to shop once in a while. I love collecting books, non-fiction. Even though I have not read at least half of those that I have bought, it helps me stay away from the line. But careful. Overspending is a good example of how trying to pull yourself too much can land you much nearer to that thin line.


Ah, my favourite. This is probably the most obvious way of pulling yourself away. Not too much to say I guess.

Well, those were some examples. Finished your tea? Good. We can have more conversation like this some other time :). Till then, try to think of other areas where you can apply this theory. Use your imagination!

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  1. Atreyi
    Posted November 13, 2010 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    Awesome, interesting read πŸ™‚
    want some more examples thin line part 2..

    • Posted November 14, 2010 at 12:54 am | Permalink

      Thanks. Yup, I am working on a second part to this post. Should be up soon. πŸ™‚

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